Katarzyna Krężel-Sowa
Customer service

Katarzyna has graduated with a degree in Management and Marketing, and she is also a holder of postgraduate qualifications in nutrition.

Working with people and managing work at the surgery is her absolute passion; every morning she greets our patients with a smile and positive attitude and keeps an eye & makes sure that the surgery runs smoothly. The smile and satisfaction of the clients is her most valuable reward for the day’s hard work.

Katarzyna loves jogging which allows her to recharge her batteries. The time spent together with her husband and daughter cycling or roller skating is a source of true refreshment for her.

In travelling and discovering new places on the map as well as in tasting new exotic dishes, Katarzyna searches for inspiration.

Whether approached by patients or colleagues from work, Katarzyna is always open to other people and ready to help, if there is a problem waiting to be solved.

The sound of high-heeled shoes resounding in the surgery is unmistakable evidence that Katarzyna is on duty today.

Even the postman knows Katarzyna by name, thanks to her regular purchases at a certain online shop.

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