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Aesthetic dentistry
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At our dental office, we offer the patients dental treatment based on the highest world standards. When preparing a treatment plan, functional and aesthetic aspects are taken into consideration. Aleksandra Zieleniewska (PhD), a participant in prestigious workshops run by the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry, has gained valuable experience in the area of diagnostic and treatment plan preparation for patients with joint problems, who require orthodontic and functional prosthetic dental treatment.

Our dental office is one of not many clinics based in the Tri-City area which offers malocclusion treatment based on functional theory, which yields lasting effect, reduces the likelihood of the condition relapse, and contributes to the treatment of joint and muscle dysfunction.

Distinguishes Us?


Effective orthodontic treatment is one of the primary specialties of our surgery. For the purpose of achieving a perfect and beautiful smile in our patients, we use various kinds of orthodontic appliances, beginning with traditional removable and fixed metal appliances, through aesthetic and sel-ligating devices, GMD distalizers and lip bumper appliances,endingon advanced Invisalign aligners. The specific treatment method is selected individually for each person, and it takes into consideration the patient’s expectations, needs, and the nature of the defect. Thanks to the experience of our specialists and state-of-the-art equipment at the surgery, we are able to treat even highly complicated instances of malocclusion. Special care is extended also to our youngest patients. Children betweenthe age of 4 and 8 are administered early orthodontic treatment, which allows us to guide the development of the alveolar process. This kind of treatment, called orthotropics, allows producing quick and lasting results.

Aesthetic medicine

With time the skin loses its glow andelasticity, wrinkles, furrows and discolourings appear. These conditions occurbecause the cell-renewal process is slowing down; the body fails to regenerate on its own. The aesthetic medicine procedures prompt cell reparation and restoration, bring back appropriate moistnessand robustness of the skin, and in a safe, simple, and painless manner correct imperfections and restore the oval shape of the face.

Smile with no wrinkles? Yes! Thanks to safe procedures of aesthetic medicine, you can longer enjoy young, elastic, robust, and vital skin. Every therapy and preparation used during its course are matched individually to the needs and expectations of the patient.

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Our Team

Our wolrd-class team is composed of staff members, who have gained their experience in prestigious schools and institutions in Poland and abroad. It is of paramount importance for us that our patients are provided with the highest level of stomatological care.


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