Metamorphoses of Our Patients

Metamorphosis 67

Metamorphosis 66

Metamorphosis 65

Metamorphosis 64

Metamorphosis 63

Metamorphosis 62

Metamorphosis 61

Metamorphosis 60

Metamorphosis 59

Metamorphosis 58

Metamorphosis 57

Metamorphosis 56

Metamorphosis 55

Metamorphosis 54

Metamorphosis 53

Metamorphosis 52

Metamorphosis 51

Metamorphosis 50

Metamorphosis 49

Metamorphosis 48

Metamorphosis 47

Metamorphosis 46

Metamorphosis 45

Metamorphosis 44

Metamorphosis 43

Metamorphosis 42

Metamorphosis 41

Metamorphosis 40

Metamorphosis 39

Metamorphosis 38

Metamorphosis 37

Metamorphosis 36

Metamorphosis 35

Metamorphosis 34

Metamorphosis 33

Metamorphosis 32

Metamorphosis 31

Metamorphosis 30

Metamorphosis 29

Metamorphosis 28

Metamorphosis 27

Metamorphosis 26

Metamorphosis 25

Metamorphosis 24

Metamorphosis 23

Metamorphosis 22

Metamorphosis 21

Metamorphosis 20

Metamorphosis 19

Diastema treatment administered with the help of the fixed appliance.

Metamorphosis 18

A treatment utilizing an innovative CAD method whereby a simultaneous and multidirectional development of dental arches takes place. This method presents a wonderful alternative to the extraction-based treatment. For this patient, we have completed the following procedures: decay treatment, teeth hygiene treatment, CAD apparatus treatment, therapy with a fixed self-ligating appliance and teeth whitening.

Metamorphosis 17

Treatment with the orthodontic Invisalign aligner.

Metamorphosis 16

This transformation has taken place in one of our most optimistic and smiling patients and belongs to our favourite ones. For this lady we have completed teeth decay and hygiene treatment, teeth whitening with the Beyond Polous Accelerator, teeth implants and all-ceramic crowns fitting.

Metamorphosis 15

Porcelain veneers.

Metamorphosis 14

Due to his health condition, the patient could not opt for the implant-based treatment. Can a person in such a situation benefit from a complete smile that lacks nothing? Of course! For this patient, we have accomplished the following: periodontitis and decay cavities treatment, microscope-guided root canal therapy, ceramic crowns and clasp denture fitting.

Metamorphosis 13

The patient received conservative treatment, teeth whitening, all-ceramic dental crowns, and treatment provided by the dental hygienist.

Metamorphosis 12

Allow us to introduce you to the change in the smile of our patient.Michał suffers from the lack of permanent tooth germs of the upper lateral incisors. The treatments he received consisted in a dental hygiene package: scaling, sandblasting, polishing, and fluoridation; therapy using a fixed appliance, removal of the deciduous teeth, teeth whitening with the Beyond Polous Accelerator(procedure performed at our premises), prosthetic restoration of the front teeth with porcelain crowns. The treatment was planned and executed by Dr Aleksandra Aleksandrowicz (DMD).

Metamorphosis 11

Smile transformation thanks to the use of the fixed appliance- excellent results! Patricia is now free to smile widely thanks to the assistance she has received at our surgery. The following procedures have been performed: dental hygienist assistance along with teeth fluoridation and fixed metal appliance therapy.

Metamorphosis 10

After completing work on this patient’s teeth, a smile appeared on our faces as we watched their owner who could not contain her excitement and kept looking in the mirror, admiring her new set of teeth. The complete treatment consisted of a visit tothe dental hygienist, conservative treatment, a renewed microscope-guided root canal therapy, and fitting of porcelain veneers and all-ceramic dental crowns. This wonderful metamorphosis took place under the supervision of Dr Maja Wiśniewska.

Metamorphosis 9

Smile transformation in 2,5 hrs; this along with the Flow Injection technique is what it takes to produce a beautiful smile. How do you find the results of this metamorphosis?

Metamorphosis 8

Such an effect is achieved through the filling of nasolabial folds with hyaluronic acid. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia, which saves thepatient from experiencing any discomfort. The results last up to a dozen or so months, depending on the type of preparation used.

Metamorphosis 7

Today we would like to show you the results of yet another metamorphosis. The patient has had enough of wearing the removable appliance and decided to have his teeth restored with porcelain crowns.How do you like the result?

Metamorphosis 6

Another patient who has come to our place to undergo orthodontic therapy andexperienced a metamorphosis. The reason why the dental brace needed to be fitted in was the wearing down of the front teeth and malocclusion. After removing the brace, restoration of the worn-down teeth and buildup works of the upper teeth that were too small were carried out. Due to the patient’s young age and reluctance to take advantage of teeth grinding, a decision was made to carry out buildup work by means of the Flow Injection technique; a state-of-the-art methodthat allows teeth restoration with a material of high aesthetic value without the need for teeth grinding.

Metamorphosis 5

The patient had been dreaming of a beautiful and healthy smilewhichbrought her to our surgery to have the smile improved.For this patient, the following treatments have been administered: decay treating, visit to the dental hygienist along with teeth fluoridation, and teeth restoration with all-ceramic dental crowns. It seems that we have met this person’s expectations.

Metamorphosis 4

Another changeover that has been accomplished at our clinic. The patient visited our surgery because she wanted to have her smile improved; apart from crooked teeth, she also had a problem with tongue thrusting while swallowing. In order to produce stable results, the patient was sent to the speech therapist. The treatment with a fixed metal appliance for lower and upper teeth was administered.

Metamorphosis 3

The dental care provided for this patient consisted of a visit to the dental hygienist, teeth treatment and application of the fixed appliance.

Metamorphosis 2

The patient has come to our clinic to have his smile fixed; the gentleman was concerned about the state of his worn-downteeth and gaps in the dentition.Dr Maja Wiśniewska attended to theneeds of this patient, and the following procedures were administered: decay treatment, microscope-guided root canal therapy, a visit to the dental hygienist along with fluoridation, deprogramming with new teeth height setting, temporary crowns and bridgeworks (new teeth “trying on”), old teeth restoration with all-ceramic crowns, missing teeth replacement with zirconium oxide dental bridges.

Metamorphosis 1

Another smile metamorphosis for our patient using the Flow Injection technique.This method is based on a quick and noninvasive correction to the shape of the teeth, disguising gaps, dealing with nonaesthetic discolourations and enamel cracks.


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