Revitalizing treatments

The organ that is the most exposed to external influences is our skin. Exposure to UV light, air pollution, harmful substances, which we continuously come in contact with, have a devastating effect on the condition of our skin. Often, we make the situation even worse by incorrect diet or sedentary lifestyle. Alcohol and cigarettes also contribute significantly to the faster ageing of the skin.

With time, the skin loses its robustness and elasticity. In some places, it drops, and in other wrinkles appear; an unrelenting testimony to the passing of time and lifestyle led. Although stopping the time is something we are unable to do, slowing down its impact is certainly within our reach. The purpose the revitalizing treatments serve is the restoration of the skin’s former glory.

Skin revitalization- how does the course of the treatment look?

Revitalization treatments can be divided into skin and face revitalization. Their primary purpose is the delivery of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and active coenzymes to the skin. The treatment that has been delivered correctly improves the appearance, elasticity, and moistness of the skin.

The procedures with the use of hyaluronic acid are particularly popular. This component is naturally found in the skin, however, its quantity declines with time; deficiencies in the hyaluronic acid lead to the weakening of skin turgor. Injection of the hyaluronic acid-based preparation restores the former robustness of the skin, and it comprises the easiest and most natural way of removing wrinkles. The acid is neutral for the body and does not cause allergic reactions. What is more, it is naturally absorbed by the body. The effects of the treatment with the hyaluronic acid last from 3 to 12 months.

Revitalization treatments are not limited to the use of hyaluronic acid only. Mesotherapy is often called “the injection of youth”, and during this procedure, the specialist enters a mixture of nutrients, substances causing regeneration, vitamins, and collagens, which delivers immediate results. Another interesting procedure is the so-called Vampire Facelift, and it relies on the injection of patient’s own blood into their skin. Upon injection, the platelet-rich plasma is responsible for tissue regeneration and thus it improves the health of the skin.

Although the revitalization procedures are safe, a consultation with the doctor before they are carried out is necessary, as under certain conditions this type of treatment is not advisable. Skin revitalization should not be performed for pregnant women and during lactation. Cold sores, acne widespread, blood clotting disturbance, and diabetes are also counterindications against the procedures.


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