Our skin loses its robustness and elasticity with time. As a result of ageing, unwanted wrinkles often appear. The shape of our lips or outline of the face is another area that causes our dissatisfaction. Stopping the time is not an option for us, however, there are effective methods that help us to slow down its impact. One such method are fillers.

Fillers can prove helpful in areas, where our body requires assistance. The quality of our skin is affected by a host of factors; lack of physical activity, wrong diet, UV radiation, alcohol as well as cigarettes- all these bear a negative impact on our skin, which ages more rapidly and gets flabby. It is worth bearing in mind that bad habits are not the only factors that contribute to skin deterioration. Characteristic wrinkles near eyes and in mouth corners emerge as a result of smiling. Laughter extends our life, but it also impacts our appearance.

As not everyone is fond of face wrinkles, aesthetic medicine comes to the rescue in such situations, making improvements to many areas of the body possible. One of its fundamental procedures is, among others, wrinkle filling, where the so-called fillers are used. This method offers one of the safest and most effective approaches to the defence against the inevitable consequences of the elapsing time.

Mouth and wrinkle fillers

Mouth and wrinkle fillers have the consistency of a gel with water-binding properties. This special substance is identical to the one which naturally appears in the skin, and it is not animal-based, which eliminates e.g. allergic reactions. The fillers are neutral to the body thanks to which their application does not require earlier treatments or tests. The procedure itself can be performed immediately-application of the filler is a minor procedure-, it is simple and noninvasive.

Hyaluronic acid, which in its natural form is a skin building block, is a base for the most popular preparations. Once the wrinkles have been filled, the patients can quickly return to their daily activities. The procedure itself is simple and takes between 15 and 40 minutes. The patient receives local anaesthesia and the hyaluronic acid-based preparation is being applied under the wrinkle, which elevates it to an even level with the surrounding skin. Once the procedure is finished, it is impossible to tell where it was performed; the skin is smooth and the place where the wrinkle used to be is not distinguishable in any way, not even in touch. Wrinkle filling is a temporary procedure and its effects last 3 to 12 months (although there are preparations whose effects last 15-24 months). After this time, the hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body with no negative side effects.

With the help of hyaluronic acid, almost all wrinkles from the face area can be smoothed out. The most popular procedures include filling of the nasolabial folds, mouth-centred wrinkles (smoker’s wrinkles), and tear troughs. If the hyaluronic preparation (or other preparations of this kind) is applied appropriately, minor imperfections of the face can also be treated; slumping mouth corners can be lifted, face contour can be improved, and the mouth can be made bigger.

Innym rodzajem stosowanego przez nas preparatu jest polikaprolakton wapnia, np. o nazwie Ellanse. Ten innowacyjny sposób odmładzania wyglądu twarzy posiada unikalny skład. Po jego wprowadzeniu w skórę i połączeniu z naturalną tkanką pacjenta, działa na zasadzie naturalnego implantu. Dzięki temu jest on w stanie utrzymywać się w skórze przez długi czas – nawet 2 lata.

Another preparation used at our place is polycaprolactone called Ellanse. This innovative face-rejuvenation method has a unique make-up. After its injection into the skin and linkage with the natural tissue, it functions as a natural implant. Thanks to this it can remain in the skin for a long period of time- even 2 years.

The treatment with the assistance of the Ellanse biostimulant is not limited to smoothing out wrinkles and reversing the signs of ageing only; it improves the quality and condition of the skin, and it even stimulates collagen production in the skin. The procedure is safe and painless, however, in special cases, local anaesthesia can be provided. Due to its effectiveness and long-lasting results, it is one of the more commonly chosen procedures at our surgery.

The fillers are really safe, however, several limitations with respect to their use should be noted. The treatment should not be carried out if:

  • The woman is pregnant or breast-feeding
  • The patient suffers from cold sores (active stage)
  • The person suffers from blood clotting disorder
  • A skin disease emerges in the spot of the treatment
  • Immune system diseases exist
  • The patient is prone to scar formation
  • The patient has already undergone other procedures of aesthetic medicine (some)

Apart from the factors listed above, there are no contraindications against the use of the fillers. It is worth reminding that fillers do not cause allergies and are safe for patients suffering from this condition.


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