Dental Implants

Missing teeth is a serious issue, which should not be ignored. Every missing tooth should be replaced in order to avoid the so-called Popov-Godon phenomenonand the negative impact on your smile. A gap resulting from a missing tooth causes other teeth to lose their footing. While chewing, there are forces pressing against the teeth which may lead to their weakening and loosening. Apart from this, pieces of food end up stuck in these gaps, and it isn’t always easy to remove them. Consequently, they become feedstuff for the bacteria and these, in turn, can lead to decay. Tooth absence may also result in the dysfunction of thetemporo-mandibular joint. While eating, we will subconsciously shift the food to the side containing healthy teeth which leads to strains and uneven abrasion of teeth.A missing tooth may cause difficulties in clear speaking, headaches and weakening of facialmuscles. There is also apsychologicaltoll to be taken into consideration; with clearly visible gaps we tend to smile less frequently, which does not serve our relations with other people and has a negative impact on our self-esteem.

The sooner we get in touch with the specialist, the quicker an appropriate tooth replacement method will be identified.Dental implants are an ideal solutionthat allows filling the gap after the extraction of a tooth (complete tooth removal along with its root). These along with dental crowns comprise an excellent alternative that does not differ in appearance and functionality from natural teeth. At our surgery, we offer implant-based treatment which adheres to the highest existing standards.

How do dental implants look?

Many people believe that implants are the same as artificial teeth. Undoubtedly, if they saw how they really looked, they would be surprised. They are small titanium screws that our body tolerates perfectly well. As the larger part of the implant is hidden in the bone, what rises above the jaw is a small metal pin.

In order for the implant to take on the shape of the tooth, it is necessary to combine it with prosthetic restoration. At our surgery, we guarantee to match the colour and shape of the new teeth with the colour and shape of your natural ones. We select the correct colour by taking pictures using a specialized camera or by sending the patient to a prosthetic laboratory. This method is the only one that allows the designing of a perfect smile that is tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Implantology makes room for several replacement methodsapplication of which is based on the number of teeth missing;

  • Implant-based crown- porcelain crown imitates real tooth and retains its resemblance and functionality.
  • Porcelain bridge- if the number of teeth missing is greater than one, it is possible to implement an implant-supported bridge. This solution allows avoiding implant fixing in every single gap. The prosthetic bridge is supported by two previously placed implants only.
  • Complete denture rests on several implants. This is an ideal and stable solution for anodontia.

It is best to replace a missing tooth with an implant immediately after the loss of the original tooth, as the unstimulated bone begins to weaken with time. It is important to understand that when clenching the jaws and chewing, a force presses on the teeth,and these, through their roots, distribute this force to the bone causing thus its stimulation. When a tooth is missing, the implant takes on the role of a root and prevents bone decline.

How implants are fixed?

During the first visit, the specialist carefully checks patient’s teeth and performs diagnostic tests. For the purpose of diagnosis, we use computed tomography and surgical templates in order to ensure the highest precision of the treatment. Next, the stomatologist suggests a proper method of treatment. How are the implants fixed? They have to be grafted into the jaw-bone. During thisprocedure involving anesthesia, the stomatologist cuts through themucous membrane and fits the implant in the right place. Once the healing process has taken place, it is possible to proceed with the next step which iscrown fitting.


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