Orthotropics is a dental treatment focused on the prevention of malocclusion development in children. The treatment is addressed to children from 4 to 10 years of age and it rests on the assumption that correct development of the jaws and dentition of the child is linked to a proper functioning of the oral cavity, flawless breathing process, and accurate body poise.If these conditions are met, we can be sure that as the child grows, its bite will develop properly; the teeth will bearrangedaccurately and stably,and dental arches will have the correct width.

Orthodontic appliance for children- when start using it?

In orthotropics, dental devices are used when children are between 5 and 12 years of age. Within this age bracket, intensive development of the facial skeleton takes place, and the treatment administered at that time is most effective. Orthodontic appliances for children- Bioblocks- are fitted at different stages of the treatment:

  • The first stage is the development ofdental arches and jawbone by means of Bioblock I dental appliance for children; this is the preparatory part of the treatment
  • The second stage is devoted to making adjustments to defects that may be present between the jawbone and the jaw; its objective is to make sure that the teeth from the arches fit each other impeccably
  • The third stage is retention- consolidation of the results that have already been achieved. At this stage, the childwears Bioblock III appliance only at night and it remains this way until the child stops growing.

How does early orthodontic therapy of children look?

Early orthotropic treatmentrelies on causal correction of malocclusion. We teach children how to breathe and swallow properly, maintain the appropriate position of the head andentirebody; we eliminate all disorders of the tongue and lips, finger or dummy sucking is taken care of, etc. Such early treatment, above all, sets a child on the correct developmental path.During its course, we control the development of the alveolar process so as to enable the opening or widening of the air passages, teeth straightening, improvements in the looks and shape of the face. In certain instances, cooperation with the laryngologist, speech therapist or physiotherapist may be required.

In order to clearly understand what orthotropicsrelies on, and howBioblock appliances work, it is bestto juxtapose this kind of treatment with orthodontics and orthodontic appliances. Early treatment by means of the orthotropic method relies on introducing a change to the direction of facial growth. For this reason, the first consultation takes place right after the birth of a child, and active treatment begins when the child reaches the age of 6 or 7.The way orthodontic appliances work is different; their role is to effect a mechanical movement of the teeth. The beginning of this kind of treatment takes place much later- around the age of 9-, and involves the use of removable appliances and, at the later stage, permanent devices. The treatment with the use ofBiobloc devices, as opposed to orthodontic appliances, is focused on the jaw- on the stimulation of its forward-oriented growth. What also makes orthotropics different is that during the course of treatment the airways are enlarged, permanent teeth are not being removed and even spaces for wisdom teeth are being created. Unlike during orthodontic treatment, lifelong retention is not applied, and the effect of the treatment depends to a high degree on the patient’s cooperation.


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