Dental Surgery

When it is already too late for the conservative treatment of the tooth, and its state requires more radical intervention, dental surgery proves very helpful. Althoughthe scope of this kind of surgery covers complicated treatments, thanks to the vast experience of our specialists and up-to-date treatment methods, dental surgeriesheld outat our place are performed according to the highest existing standards.Thanks to the use of the dental microscope and well-equippedx-ray room, every surgery at our clinic is planned and performed with a high degree of precision. We also ensure that these procedures are painless by applying effective local anesthesia.

What does a Dental Surgeon do?

Patients usually associate dental surgeons with toothextraction or removing of wisdom teeth as these procedures are performed most often by the surgeons. However, the scope of treatment encompassed by dental surgery is a lot broader. At our place, the dental surgeon performs the following procedures:

  • Deciduous tooth extraction- first teeth are removed only as a last resort. We strive to keep all of the child’s deciduous teeth, as their premature extraction may lead to disorders in the development of permanent teeth.
  • Permanent tooth extraction- modern dentistry allows healing even teethwhose condition is very poor. However, sometimes the level of decay or fracture is so severe that extraction is the only solution that remains available.
  • Surgical extraction of wisdom tooth- usually it is required due to incorrect positioning of a dental germ, scarcity of space on the dental arch and reasons related to suppressing of the tooth in a bone of a jaw or mandible.
  • Abscess incision- abscess is formed by bacteria causing inflammation and the treatment relies on making an incision on the diagnosed lesion anddrawing the pus outside, which stops the expansion of the inflammation.
  • Hemisection- a procedure performed on damaged or broken multi-rooted teeth whose objective is to remove ill parts of the tooth’s root and crown and save their healthy elements, which are subsequently used as a base for the prosthetic restoration.
  • Apicoectomy- this procedure is performed when inflammation of the periapical tissue progresses, which usually follows an incorrect endodontic treatment. The procedure involves cuttingoff of the root top along with tissue which has been affectedby inflammation.
  • Corticotomy- vertical incision of the bone plate among the teeth roots. This procedure is applied in orthodontic treatment in order to make teeth movement easier when wearing an orthodontic appliance.
  • Exposure of the permanent tooth which has been obstructed- a procedure performed due to orthodontic reasons. Its aim is to locate and expose the tooth that has been stuck in a bone orsoft tissue of the mouth.
  • Microsurgical cut on the frenulum of the upper or lower lip, or the tongue
  • Implant inculcation- filling of the teeth gaps with high-quality titanium implants which replace the root of a tooth.
  • Bone augmentation and sinus floor lift – procedures performed in implant-based treatment. Guided bone regeneration leads to restoration of the bone and makes implantinculcation possible in places where the bone decline has taken place.

During the consultation, the dental surgeon explains exactly how the treatment is going to look like and conveys important information regarding the after-treatment recommendation.


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