Maja Wiśniewska

Dr Wiśniewska has graduated from the Medical University of Gdańsk and specialises in complex dental treatment with a particular emphasis on microscope-guided root canal therapy.

She is an experienced medical practitioner of aesthetic medicine and a member of the Polish Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine Society.

Dr Wiśniewska continuously updates her qualifications through active participation in conventions and specialist training from the field of stomatology and aesthetic medicine. She possesses the skill of combining various therapies with the holistic approach to the patient’s needs, which allows her to achieve lasting results in form of appearance rejuvenation and maintenance of the good condition of the general health.

An enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle and all forms of recreation that include physical activity. In her spare time, she might be seen kayaking, swimming or cycling in the woods. She adores spending time with her closest ones, which always restores her energy levels.

Apart from her unparalleled professionalism, Dr Wiśniewska gives others much of her positive energy and smile, and you can recognize her by the bicycle she commutes to work with that she leaves parked just outside the clinic.

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