Dental bridges are fixed dentures placed permanently in a patient’s oral cavity, and they comprise one of theteeth reconstruction methods. During the first appointment, the stomatologist will check if taking advantage of this type of restoration is advisable; the absence of at least three teeth is an indicator suggesting in its favour. It is worth remembering, however, that bridges can be used to replace a larger number of missing teeth.

When making bridgeworks, the same materials are used as in the case of prosthetic crowns; we can distinguish metal-based,all-ceramic, and zircon bridges. Similarly, as with the crowns, there are advantages and disadvantages behind each material used. The metal-based crowns are durable, they look almost like natural teeth, however, a fragment of the metal coreis visible. Their all-ceramic counterparts resemble natural teeth, however, they are more delicate than the rest. The zircon-based bridges, on the other hand, are equally durable as the metal bridgeworks, and their appearance matches the one of the porcelain dental bridges.

Bridge or implant?

The answer is not obvious. In order to know what choice to make, we need tounderstand what an implant is.An implant is a titanium device, grafted into the bone, which replaces the missing root of the tooth. In order to make the restoration complete, a prosthetic crown has to be connected with the implant. A significant advantage of implants is that, when fitting them in,there is no requirement to weaken the adjoining teeth; in the case of dental bridges, the teeth on both sides of the gap have to be ground. It is best to consult your dentist for advice on the best method for you.

How many years does the porcelain bridge last?

Although bridgeworks are durable, they are not our natural teeth and are subject to continual wear and tear. Once the bridge has been secured in the mouth, it is important to take care of it properly; after the fitting procedure, the stomatologist will instruct the patient exactly how to do it. If the bridge is taken care of properly, it will serve its owner for many years. How long does the porcelain bridge last? If looked after properly, it will last approximately 15 years. Although the durability has been calculated for 15 years, its exact length of service depends on proper maintenance, replacing all missing teeth, and treatment of all instances of lesions, such as bruxism.


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